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"The staff at LCS has always been responsive and understanding of my concerns and questions, especially those relating to my daughter with special needs."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can enroll in a Charter School?
Charter Schools are permitted to enroll any student living in the state of North Carolina entitled to a free public education. Each charter school has a mission and vision to include a target number of students at each grade level.  Most charter schools do not have academic requirements for admission.  Charter schools are schools of choice, parents and students choose which school they would like to attend and are limited by space availability.

Why do Charter Schools have such long waiting lists?
Waiting lists occur primarily because charter schools are market driven. As a school of choice, parents decide if they want their children to attend the charter school. A successful school will have greater demand.

How can I find out where my child is on the waitlist?
For the Lincolnton campus, please contact Lisa Barger at
For the Denver campuses, please contact


Additional information:

Open Enrollment:

Open enrollment at LCS will commence on the first Monday of September each year and conclude the Friday one week preceding the first Saturday in March.  The public lottery will be held on the first Saturday in March.  


Lottery Processes:

In the following sequence a lottery will be held for full-time staff members' children, transfer students, and siblings of currently enrolled students.  It will be held at each grade level to establish the acceptance list or wait list, depending on space availability if more applicants exist than seats available.  After the completion of this process, one combined K-12 lottery (D, D-L, L-D and L) will be held for all other applicants.  At the conclusion of the lottery, the admissions list and wait list will be compiled according to grade level and campus preference.



1. A student of a LCS full time staff member

2. A student transfer request from one campus to another. Student must successfully

complete one academic year at LCS before a student is eligible to transfer.

3. Siblings of a currently enrolled student. This may include step-siblings, adoption

foster-care situations, they must live in the same home, as per school and/or state policy.

4. All students not included in previous 3 categories.


Sibling Preferences:

One surname will be entered into the lottery for all families (step, half and foster children).  Once the surname is selected, all students attached to that one family structure will be accepted if space is available at that particular grade level or placed in sequential order for the next available seat on the waitlist.


Multiple Birth Siblings:

If multiple birth siblings apply for admission, and a lottery is needed, one surname will be entered into the lottery to represent all of the multiple birth siblings. If that surname of the multiple birth siblings is selected, then all of the multiple birth siblings shall be admitted.


Legacy Preference:

Siblings of LCS students who have graduated will be entitled to sibling priority if the sibling was enrolled at least seven consecutive academic years at LCS.  


Opportunity Preference:

A LCS student who was enrolled within the last two academic years, but left due to an academic study abroad program, competitive admissions residential program or temporary family military assignment will receive enrollment preference.


Administrative actions to be taken:

* A video may be made of the entire open lottery and available to the public upon request.  This will be announced the day of the lottery.


* An e-mail communication will be sent to all parent/guardians of accepted students requesting written confirmation of their acceptance or denial of potential seat offered.  After the communication has been sent, the parent/guardian will have no more than 48 hours to respond via e-mail or in writing.  This will be combined with additional communication efforts.  At least two documented phone calls will be made to the primary and secondary numbers listed on the application.  If no documented response is received within 48 hours, the seat may be forfeited.


Proof of residency:

Any of the following proof of permanent residency will be required upon registering for school at LCS:


* Copy of deed or record of most recent mortgage payment

* Copy of lease agreement

* A utility bill dated within the past 30 days, including gas, water, electric, landline phone, cable, satellite or internet services

* A valid NC driver's license or NC photo ID card

* A vehicle or property tax bill dated within the past one year

* A bank or credit card statement with a NC address dated within the past 60 days

This will be published to potential accepted students with lottery results.


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