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School Board Public Comment Policy

The Board of Directors recognizes the value of public comment on educational issues and the importance of hearing from members of the public during the session designated for public comment at its meetings. In compliance with the Open Meetings laws, the public may attend all open meetings of the Lincoln Charter School Board of Directors.

In order for the Board to complete its planned agenda in an effective and efficient manner, a Public Comment period will be scheduled at each regular monthly meeting of the board. Individuals seeking to address the board must sign up at least 2 hours before the start of the meeting by contacting the President of the Board in writing, listing the name of the speaker and the subject of public comment. Each speaker will have no more than two minutes to address the board.

All public comments will be directed to the board. No profanity or personal attacks will be permitted. Board interaction with the speakers during the time for public comment is left to the discretion of the Board President. Employee complaints are best addressed through the procedures set forth in the board’s Policy K-5, Responding to Concerns and Complaints. As permitted by law, the board’s discussion of personnel matters or attorney-client privileged issues will be discussed in closed session.

Other than during the designated public comment session of the agenda, discussion from the audience will not be permitted. The Board may, at the discretion of the board President, recognize individuals to speak or ask questions. The President may choose to answer or refer such questions to the Chief Administrator for consideration and response either during the meeting or within a reasonable time subsequent to the close of the meeting, as appropriate and deemed necessary.

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