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Spotlight on Diversity



Lincoln Charter School's "Spotlight on Diversity" provides students, staff, and families the opportunity to learn about and celebrate the diversity within our school community. Each month, we will highlight the contributions of diverse Americans, share resources for learning more about a variety of cultures, and hear from staff members and students.

The Case for Diversity in Education

Celebrating diversity in the school setting is not just about showing kindness or living out our mission of developing empathy and respect. It is a key aspect of a high-quality 21st Century education. A robust body of research supports the finding that diversity in schools encourages critical thinking, leadership, creativity, and collaboration.

The National Coalition on School Diversity: Research Brief 

Why Integration Matters - Henry O'Connell, SFUSD


Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Statement

The School board approved the following LCS DEI statement at their meeting in January of 2023.
Lincoln Charter School values diversity and strives to build inclusive teams because diverse teams perform better and get the best results for our students. We believe staff at all levels of LCS should reflect the students and communities we serve; representation matters. We believe a diverse school community that reflects our world will prepare college-ready students. We make people from all backgrounds feel included in all spaces in our community to create a school culture of value and belonging. We respect diverse voices and bring in traditionally excluded individuals and perspectives to arrive at the best decisions for our LCS community. We actively seek understanding to avoid assumptions and bias in decision-making. We believe in empathy and strive to understand that there is more than one perspective to consider. We will responsibly and honestly examine ourselves to ensure that our practices and beliefs lead to equitable outcomes for all. We believe diversity, equity, and inclusion leads to belonging and benefits our entire Lincoln Charter School community.