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Since the beginning, creative teaching methods and innovative technology have been at the forefront of Lincoln Charter academics.  In celebration of our 25th anniversary, we underwent Wingspan, a strategic planning process to set goals and create a flight plan for the organization’s future.  A renewed focus on innovation was one of the results.  We strive to maximize the effectiveness of technology in the classroom and explore learning opportunities outside of the classroom.  This includes streamlining technology use in classrooms to ensure appropriate balance & effectiveness, and continuing to define new learning experiences and opportunities for students outside of the classroom.  One tool to that end has been our Lincoln Charter Innovation Grants. 


Established in 2021, Lincoln Charter Innovation Grants are intended to support the amazing community of Lincoln Charter educators and students through funding innovative, out-of-the-box ideas that promote sound educational principles, creativity, and the Lincoln Charter mission of rigorous college preparation. Below are just a few of the projects funded by the Innovation Grant in the three years since its inception.



3rd Grade Soft Starts 3rd-grade students begin their day with Soft Starts to engage their curiosity and allow them a gentle, individualized, self-directed beginning to their day.

Student holding a crocodile head in front of his face at the Catawba Science Center

Innovation often means taking education outside of the classroom.  Teachers are encouraged to plan field trips and new experiences for students. 

Audio Class

Mr. Perry’s Sound Design and Engineering class set up new soundboards. 

We're also honored to have hosted Dr. Smith, Director of Innovation NCDPI, in at our Denver Campus. He spent the day touring the school and finding out more about the ways LCS has embraced innovation!

Ms. Reed's 7th grade class demonstrated Math Rotations. Ms. Boner's class shared how they have a "soft start" to their school days using tools purchased through our LCS Innovation Grants. The Elementary Eagles Advisory Council brainstormed BIG ideas for ways to make the Lincoln Charter Experience all that it can be.

Staff members highlighted some of our innovations in athletics, the STEM gardens and bee boxes, staff care initiatives like our new Mamava, and summer enrichments.

Ms. Reed's Math Class

Ms. Reed’s class engages in math rotations

Bee Keeper (Ms. Hudgins) tending to our bee boxes

STEM teacher, Ms. Hudgins, tends to the bee boxes in our pollinator garden. 

Dr. Smith, Director of Innovation NCDPI, sits at a table with students as they explain their math manipulativesDr. Smith, Director of Innovation NCDPI, listens as students explain their educational manipulatives.