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"An exhilarating experience of fun, fellowship, teamwork, and most of all - education."

River, 10th Grade

About LCS

Lincoln Charter School obtained its charter in 1998 and has three campus locations in Lincoln County.

The Lincolnton Campus is a K-9 program and the Denver Campus consists of our K-6 program and our 7-12 program.

Priorities include:

  • High standards for conduct and academics utilizing the North Carolina College-Prep curriculum
  • Certified and well trained teachers who know each child
  • A parent-elected school board, consisting of business and community leaders
  • An active high school and middle school sports program including cheerleading, soccer, swimming, tennis, basketball, baseball, softball, cross country and golf
  • After school activities
  • Required volunteer hours for all stakeholders
  • Required volunteer hours for parents - ensuring parental involvement
  • Dual college enrollment earning college credits
  • Online distant learning

Core Knowledge complements a skills-based curriculum, the North Carolina Standard Course of Study (Common Core and North Carolina Essential Standards), by providing carefully sequenced and challenging knowledge in which to ground skills instruction.

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