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Exceptional Children's Program



Archived EC Weekly Newsletters

Approximately weekly, our Exceptional Children’s Department sends out newsletters containing timely resources and information to support parent education in the area of collaborative education of students with disabilities. These resources are available for all parents. However, we focus on timely topics or needs that have surfaced through parent feedback each week.

From a parent’s perspective, it can be complex to distinguish between a regular education student or special education student who has lost academic achievement gains due to a lack of instruction, attendance issues, and a true disability requiring specially designed instruction and special education services. This section is designed to help navigate the difference between a suspected disability and the unfortunate loss of skills due to less-than-ideal instructional circumstances due to health department restrictions, attendance, or other situations.

Suspected Disability vs Lack of Appropriate Instruction



What to Expect When Attending an IEP Meeting

Special Education Cycle of Processes

Special Education Initial Referral Meeting

Eligibility Meeting Guide

IEP Meeting Guide

Reevaluation Meeting Guide


At-Home Learning Resources
This is a non-exhaustive list of virtual resources to support parent engagement in their child’s education at home. 

Academic Resources at Home

Evidence-Based Practices

  • Positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS)
  • Reinforcement and rewards
  • Self-regulation support
  • Home-to-school communication
  • Reading activities
  • Phonological awareness activities
  • Math activities
  • Social relationships, interactions, and cooperation
  • Emotional awareness
  • Motor skill development and functional abilities

IDEA and Parent Rights

Who to contact?

If you have questions about Child Find, eligibility criteria, or Special Education Services at Lincoln Charter School, please contact Christy Hutchinson. If you have questions about American’s With Disability Act (Section 504) eligibility or your child’s current plan, please begin by contacting your child’s school counselor. 

The digital resources included on this site are intended to support the education of parents and professionals of the Lincoln Charter School community. However, due to the rapidly changing digital environment, Lincoln Charter School does not represent nor endorse these resources as exclusive resources for the purposes outlined on this site.